May 18, 2011

Where did time go?

It just hit me like a ton of bricks.

Literally, out of nowhere.

There's a huge weight on my heart and I can't breathe.

Just yesterday he had his arms stretched up in the air begging for me to "up, up momma!"

It seems like not long ago he was learning to ride a bike.

I remember when his baby brother was born, he was such a huge helper.  He used to love to feed him.  Now, he is so happy his brother is self sufficient...he's too cool to take care of his little brother.

He's sweet and shy.  He's so loving and caring.  He'd give you his last piece of chocolate if you asked him to. He's tough on the outside, but so soft and brittle on the inside. He's smart and funny and loves to read.  He enjoys video games and throwing the football with his buddies. 

He's been through hard times and yet, he's still so strong.

He has such a fan base in his family - so much love.

Tomorrow he will end his days as a grade schooler and enter Middle School. 

There's just no way he's old enough.  Is he ready? 

Am I?