Nov 23, 2010

When Will they be TOO old?

It's Thanksgiving week.

Which means I either enroll the boys in daycare or find a babysitter.

They hate the daycare because they are in the "older kids" group and it's boring.  They have to be quiet when the others take a nap and most every single day they get into trouble for being loud.

By babysitter I meant mine and hubby's parents.  It's great that they offer up their services and that we are so blessed to have both sets less than 25 miles from us.  They always take care of the boys when we work and can't get away.  Even sometimes (the one time) hubs and I go on vacation without the boys.  Both of our parents split up the days/nights of taking care of the boys.

But now, it's like they're getting too old to keep them.  When will it be time to stop asking for their help? I wonder if they boys even notice that they're slower these days?

Today my parents are keeping them.  At my house. My parents think the boys need to stay in their home so they have plenty of things to keep them busy.  I say it's because my mother doesn't want two boys tearing up her neatly kept house!  Plus there are not toys and video games at Noni and Papa's house.  So, they come over to ours. 

My parents walk in the door this am carrying a bag of donuts for the boys!  Well, there goes the eggs and bacon they requested this am.  They ditched the E&B and dove into the donuts.  As I walked out the door I mentioned the available things for lunch. Around 10:30 this morning I get a call from the house.  I immediately freak out because they NEVER call me at work.  Apparently, they think I'm some important person that stays so busy I don't have time for phone calls!  Anyway, fear runs through me and I frantically answer the phone. 

Hi mom, is everything OK?

Why wouldn't it be Genevieve, I know how to take care of children, I had 6 of them you know!

Right, it's just that you never call me at work.

Your father and I are taking the boys to lunch and just wanted to let you know. I didn't want you to worry if you called the house and we didn't answer the phone.

Oh, sure.  Thanks for letting me know, have fun and make sure the boys wear their seat belts.

Jesus Genevieve!  You'd think I was born yesterday.  You grew up just fine, now didn't you?  I can handle this, I'm not that old!


I was about to say good-bye when she blurted out;

Oh Hun, tell me where the Wendy's is again?

Mom, we were just there last week.  In front of Kohl's remember?

Oh yes, now I remember.

I hope she remembers where Kohl's is!! Perhaps my dad will remember since it's RIGHT OUTSIDE OUR SUBDIVISION!!  Good thing dad is driving too, mom can't even remove the emergency brake, even though she's the one who pulled it up.  However, in his older age he drives very slow.  They may not make it to Wendy's until 3pm this afternoon!

I just called the house.

No answer.

It's been 4 hours.

The next closest Kohl's is in Hattiesburg.  Perhaps there is a Wendy's there too?

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