Nov 19, 2010

My Leftovers

I always look forward to Thanksgiving.  There is just so much goin on. It's the beginning of the Holiday Whirlwind!

There's the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, football, football and more football and the Saints play the Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day this year.  There will be food, family and games.  It's going to be fun!

It's like once the last day of October arrives, the Holiday madness begins.  This has always been my favorite time of the year.  I love to decorate for the fall season and make my house all cozy.  Traditionally, Thanksgiving Dinner is at our house.  My mom is a fabulous chef.  But not everyone (in the South) appreciates her very eclectic taste.  My mother-in-law doesn't cook at all.  I mean, she can make a mean banana pudding and her chilli is great too, but I'm allergic to banana's and we don't eat chilli on Thanksgiving Day.  I'm not knocking ya if you do.  Good for you, but we don't.  So, everyone compromises and I do most of the cooking for Turkey Day.  It's fine with me though because I really enjoy cooking. 

Usually, both my parents and my husbands parents come over as well as my S&BIL and their two brats children.  But this year, it's just going to be the moms and dads.  Yep!  The S&BIL and their really boring totally wonderful kids are not coming. 

It's not because she's still mad at my dad. Last year after when everyone was about to leave, my dad told her that he and my mom would be over to their house later on in the afternoon for leftovers because he noticed she took plenty of them.  In her own Tupperware.  That she brough over.  In a GIANT BAG.  She just giggled but, no one else even smiled.  I for one was steaming mad.  Who the hell brings their own Tupperware over so they can have leftovers?  Not to mention, she didn't even contribute to the feast!

It can't be because I Unfriended her on Facebook.  And her husband.  And their 11 year old son.  Oh, don't worry he drinks Starbucks coffee so he's mature enough to be on Facebook.  This was way before Jimmy Kimmel declared November 17th the first annual National Unfriend Day.  Anyway, my husband inherited some beautiful furniture from a family member.  We put a lot of hard work into actually getting the furniture, not to mention an entire truckload for some other family members. We didn't get any physical help moving the furniture. And do you know how HEAVY expensive furniture is?  I didn't until now.  I can only afford the cheap shit and cheap ain't heavy.  Nice, intricately designed, handcrafted furniture from the early 1900's is VERY HEAVY!!!  And because I was so proud of it and how beautiful it made my home look I posted a few pictures of Facebook.  My SIL was not happy.  She complained and made a crazy story up about how I shouldn't have put it on there because some cousin or other family member might be jealous that we got the furniture.  We all know who the jealous one is now don't we?  My husbands dad called and politely asked me to remove the pictures from MY Facebook.  I did.  Only because I absolutely adore my father in law.  I was totally hurt though.  I was so proud of the new stuff I had because I don't have a lot of very nice things.  She does, because she acts like she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth.  I wasn't.  I work very hard for the things I have.

I really don't know why after 6 years they have decided to go elsewhere for Thanksgiving.  What I do know, is that I'm willing to bet anyone out there that she will send her own Tupperware by her mother for left overs. 

Guess What?  There won't be any left overs this year!

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