Jul 27, 2011

Good Friends - Even If They Are Your Brothers Friends!

Two years ago I flew to California for a week of fun in celebration of my brothers retirement from 23 years of service in the United States Air Force. 

Each day of the festivities, mom and dad and I got up early to prepare the food for the days events.  Who am I kidding?  My mom and dad got up early while I slept in like a princess. 

The first night, as I was leaving my brothers house, making my trek across the field of Jack Rabbits to the apartment I was staying in, I was quite surprised at the bodies just passed out cold on his floor.  Everywhere.  Guy on this couch, wife upstairs in the spare bedroom.  Chick on the floor behind the couch and dude a few feet away.  Asleep, on the floor.  I guess the good thing is, they didn't drive.

The next day, I walk back over to his house, across Jack Rabbit field, in search of coffee and an aspirin for my pounding head. As I walk in the door, everyone is up, already laughing *and* playing the Wii while drinking their coffee.  Fuck.  It was going to be a very long week of drinking and laughing and one hell of a good time.

When I came home to Mississippi, I had several new friends.  It seemed a little lame at the time, but the old adage ran through my mind "a friend of my brothers is a friend of mine".  These people were genuine, kind and caring friends.  The support system these Military wife's and husbands have within each other is nothing short of amazing.  When your spouse is deployed, you can count on that support system.

Two years later, and one week ago, there was another retirement ceremony.  Now, I wasn't "officially invited", but because my brother and his wife were going to be 1900 miles closer than normal, and because I hadn't seen them in two years, I figured it was as good a time as any to crash that party. 

My first night there, I was privy to "recipe".  A kick-ass frozen concoction that once you've made it through your first solo cup full, you pronounce it "RES-IH-PEEEEE".  It's probably most advisable to remain standing during consumption so you can practice your balance as you make it through the drink that you actually eat with a spoon!  I made the mistake of sitting in the very comfortable bar stool that swivels.  Damn it if I didn't have to go to the bathroom shortly after.  That was an adventure!  You know you're drunk when you look in the mirror and say: "I'm not drunk".  You're doomed.

The night was young and my brother and sister in law were NOT slowing down.  I figured I'd better get a handle on things after my 3rd Sangria so I could drive back to the hotel.  I stopped drinking all together and just people watched.  I knew the next night was going to be even crazier too.  Lord help me!

Remember in College, when we went out to the club and drank the cheapest drink so we could get drunk the fastest?  Yep, that's how this night was.  And you know, when you're wasted off your ass, you're like the best damn dancer EVAH!  There was a D.J. There were spotlights AND a strobe light.  I danced my ass off.  And other people were so drunk, they were copying me.  So, drunk they told me I was a great dancer!  I can't help but die laughing when I think back to it.  What a great time we had. 

The best part?  I'm even closer to my brother and sister-in-law's friends now and I'm counting down the days to South Carolina next year. 

I feel another retirement crash coming!

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