Sep 27, 2010

He can't relate, but here I go!

I think it's been about two years since I've written. I want to write. I have so many ideas. I think I could write about so many things. Sad things. Funny things. Scary things. Really, SO.MANY.THINGS. I currently read 27 blogs. Yes, they are hard to keep up with and sometimes I skip a line or two, don't kill me. I have a great job where when I'm busy, I am run around like a chicken with it's head cut off busy. But I'd say there is 1 out of 5 days where I'm not busy. At all. So, I catch up on blog reading. Some of them have even allowed me to subscribe by RSS Feed and that is so cool becuase it comes straight to me and hello, if I'm reading an email in my work email box then I'm WORKING!!!!

Anywho, I have decided that I want to write a blog. I read so many blogs that just totally inspire me that I
share the very funny, inspiring and frightening ones with my friends. I really enjoy writing stories but most of all, I can't wait to get to work every day to tell my co-workers what happened at the Heller Household the previous night. Most of the stories I write and share are true and have actually happened to me or a family member, so why not put them out there? I've always said that I would love to write a book. A book about my life would be both sad (a happy kind of sad) and hilarious. Ok then, I'm gonna do it!

Here's the thing. My husband has major internet phobia. Hates it. Doesn't use it often unless I'm right there telling him which area to "click". He totally does not get the internet. He still calls it the information super-highway. Stupid. Our boys used to laugh at him when he tells them that they can find me in the computer room reading "blob's". Now, it's not even funny anymore, it's just stupid. So, he get's really frustrated at the fact that I'm at work all day long on a computer and then when I'm finished helping with housework and relaxing the method I choose most often is to get on the computer. I'm sorry but it's relaxing to me. So, my problem is that I'm having a hard time with the support that I need to continue writing and well, you know...putting everything out there. I'm a very open person. Hell, I'm a Chastain. We are WIDE.OPEN. However, my husband is not. He's private. He would not even appreciate the fact that I tell everyone how wonderful he is because he does all the laundry. Always. Yep, that's right. I can't remember the last time I did the laundry in the last 8 years. Honestly, I can't remember. But he thinks I should just stop at "my husband is wonderful" and forget about the part where I tell everyone that he even does the dishes. I think that's our only difference. We really get along well and hardly ever have arguments (omg, whatever!) but if I want to write a blog and keep it up if not daily then every other day then I'm going to need support. Don't you think?

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  1. Do what u love,,,If this is it go for it... Ur Open yes. So tell him u need him on this.Go for it. With open arms& jump...:)