Oct 5, 2010

1%, Radio and Bad Hair

I don't consider myself a *late* person. 

I would say that I'm 99% on time and 75% early.

Lately, those numbers are completely lying.  I have figured out that I can sleep about 15 minutes longer each morning by taking a shower at night as well as in the am.  The reason why I have to shower in the morning is because I have a major affliction with my fear of bed mites! Plus, it can get kind of steamy in the bed sometimes. LOL! I'm sorry but, I just have to take a shower in the morning too.  I mean what, you're sleeping for at least 7 hours right? Under covers.  Sometimes you sweat.  Or, what if you pee a little?  Or a lot, I mean you could have a problem, you know.  And really, there *could* be little teeny weeny bugs or mites or whatever they call them in your bed.  Listen, I have to psych myself out and tell myself over and over that there aren't any in my bed/on my mattress/pillow, OK? I know, it's crazy but really, who wants to sleep in a dirty bed? 

So, back to me showering at night.  I have a very enormous amount of hair on my head.  I must wash my hair every day.  If I don't, I could fry chicken in the grease from my hair.  I promise.  But the thing is, I've noticed that my hair looks better the next day.  Like, I wash my hair Friday morning before work.  I stlye my hair and work all day. Then, that same evening I just shower but DON'T wash my hair.  When I style my hair Saturday it's SO MUCH BETTER LOOKING!  For about three hours.  Then it stars with the ol' greasy looking mess.  So, I decided that I would wash my hair during my evening shower, let it air dry and get up in the am and style it.  It's been working great because my hair looks better, I don't have to use so much heat on it from the hair dryer, AND I'm still washing my hair once every 24 hours.  I'm loving it!

Except for this morning.  OH MY GOD, when I looked in the mirror my first thought was Donna King (the female Don King in case you didn't get the joke).  Remember when your mom used to say "you look like you stuck your finger in a light socket".  This time I said it to myself.  My hair was a hot mess.  Before I got into bed last night I was on the computer and sometimes I twirl my hair out of habit.  I must have twirled about 4 pieces of hair on either side of my face because those suckers were spiral curled and the rest of my hair was kinky.  My flat iron would NOT get the wrinkles out.  I almost had to re-wash my hair and blow it dry straight. 

There was NO time to re-wash my hair.  Remember I'm never usually late?  It would have made me about 30 minutes late if I had to blow dry my hair, so I had to just flatten as much as I could.  I was already just going to get to work with seconds to spare.  I even hate that....I can't stand to walk into work at exactly 7:30.  You know, there has to be gossip time and laughter and sharing prior to starting the workday. 

So, I sprayed my hair as much as I could and hit the road to work. 

Unfortunately, I don't work very far from my home. 

Here's the thing.  I love to listen to the radio.  The radio is on in my car at all times.  It sucks when I have to drive long distances with chatty people because then I have to choose to be a good listener, because I am you know. I want to listen to the radio so would you mind talking over the singing?  Good, then I'll listen to both of you.  I even have a radio in my kitchen because what is better than listening to music and cooking?  Um, hello...NOTHING!  The radio in my room is always on and when hubby is not home, yes I turn it up loud enough to hear in the bathroom.

So, this morning as I'm trying to kind of hurry to work (so that maybe I can get there at 7:27, or 7:28 or 7:29, just not 7:30, heaven forbid I can't chit chat for even a minute before working) and what do you know today must be slated to be a great day!  There are nothing but great songs on the radio.  I'm not talking hip hop or anything like that.  Old School you know?  First Journey - Wheel in the Sky.  Just as I was about to pull into the parking lot Kenny Loggins comes on singing Footloose.  There was no way I could just turn the radio off in the middle of that song....I kept driving.....ha!  I didn't pull into the parking lot but instead decided to drive around the block.....and my radio volume was cranked. 

I didn't make it to work on time today.  Not even close so today I'm that 1%.  But I'm having a great day and I can assure it's all because of the radio. 

Who said bad hair makes for a bad day?

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