Oct 13, 2010

"CHI CHI CHI, Le Le Le!"

Oh my, it's been a few days since I made you laugh hasn't it?  I'm sorry...it's just been a very low key past couple of days.  Not really much has happened that made me think...oooooh!  I need to blog that!

I was sick right before the weekend. Throwing up.

I really hate to vomit.  Honestly I will do *anything* to avoid having my insides present themeseves outside.  I took enough Phenergan to make me sleep all day long.  But, some kind of nasty bug flew in my mouth and made it's way down and just didn't want to leave me.  It was pure misery.  So that's basically where I was.  It the bed.  And, on the floor by the toilet (which is enough to make anyone hurl).  I tried to show my face to my family once in a while but each time I did they would all point me back to the bedroom.  I could hear my husband tell the boys in a panic "come on over here and get some hand sanitizer!"  Dude, I didn't even touch you!  I didn't even get 20 feet near you.  Then I'd hear the Lysol spray.  Ugh....  I can't really blame him though because I would hate it if they were throwing up like I was.  I hate to even hear people, including myself throw up. Next time, I think I'm wearing ear plugs so I don't even have to hear myself.  I just hope there isn't a next time anytime soon.

You would have thought that I'd have lost some weight.  Because seriously, even the damn water I drank to keep myself hydrated didn't want to stay down there with whatever monster was inside me.  But NOOOOO, I didn't lose *any* weight.  Let me tell you why - Saturday afternoon, Saturday night, all day Sunday....I ate.  I ate a lot.  I couldn't get full!  And whatever food was at the house, I ate it.  I don't even like potted meat but I ate that shit like it was going out of style.  I also ate spaghetti.  Usually when I cook spaghetti for supper I don't eat it.  I'm not a tomato person.  So, I eat the noodles with a little butter and parmesean cheese.  This time though, I ate two servings of spaghetti *with* the sauce.  Lord help me! 

I ate like a Chilean Miner being rescued.

Speaking of the Miners - OMG!  They have been down there for 69 days?  WOW! This is nothing short of a miracle performed by none other than God.  Honestly, He is to have all the glory.  I know that a whole bunch of people had a lot to do with the operations side of it and how exactly they were going to get the miners out alive.  And I mean THOUSANDS of people had a hand in it.  Smart and methodical people from *all over the world*.  These people put their minds together and took precise measure in order to keep the miners safe and rescue them alive.  But Lord, how did they survive *that long* more than 2000 feet underground?  Only He knows.  I can imagine they had tremendous faith and a strength and will power within themselves to keep fighting.  They all had something to look forward to.  Each one of them has a family member (or twenty) just 2000 feet above the ground waiting for them.  Each man is alive and will live to talk about it.  He is a part of history.

One reporter said it's just as big a moment as when Neil Armstrong stepped foot on the moon.  This is *that* big.  An operation that is taking place to save 33 men who went to work one day, just like every day and didn't return home because of a very scary accident.  It's precedential. Not ever, across the entire nation, left to right and top to bottom, has anyone EVER lived for as long underground with little to no food and an environment that is not condusive to every day life.  And, 33 men did.

Wasn't Jesus 33 when he died?  Coincidence or not, GOD is AMAZING all of the time.

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