Dec 27, 2010

And so it begins.....

WHEW!  Christmas is over and until next year around Halloween, I'm so glad to see it go!

I've missed you my readers.  I've just been so busy running from here to there and I can promise you it was in more than just my underwear.  Somehow, I can picture myself jumping up out of bed and running around in nothing but my skivvies.  Alas, I didn't.  I actually took the time to put clothes on.  And, when I woke up this morning to go to work while my kiddos and hubby slept in, I have NO IDEA *HOW* I PUT THEM ON!  Yep, diet started today and there were no excuses.  My pants that used to be too big are slowly but surely beginning to fit and I do NOT under any circumstance want them to "fit" because of the number that sits in the waistband.  No, it wont happen.

So, in my dash to the kitchen this morning to throw something in a bag for lunch I also grabbed a plate of cupcakes, half a coconut cake, a box of chocolates and a box of almond roca.  I left a note to hubby that I was taking it to work for the vultures to devour since we didn't need it anymore.  While I was on my to work on the empty streets I was thinking how I could just sneak one cupcake and eat it really fast in the car and nobody would know!  I started to do it but then thought I would only be cheating myself out of the commitment to drop two sizes as fast as I can.  So, I pulled into the McDonald's!  Only, I wasn't in the drive through line.  I got out of my car and walked across parking lot. Yay for me, my exercise starts today! NO! I didn't go inside McDonald's.  Shame on you for thinking that I was going to devour a nice hot Egg McMuffin, or Country Style Chicken biscuit while washing it all down with the best ever Caramel Frappe'! Nope! In my arms I carried everything that I said I was going to take to work and dumped it into a garbage can that sat in the parking lot at McDonald's!!  Now, I have to hope that when hubby returns to work tomorrow he doesn't call anyone up here to ask how his coconut cake was!  But, if it were here, I would find some excuse to eat it and, I just don't want any temptations.

So far today has been OK, the first day is usually the hardest for me.  As long as I have my Extra Sugar free gum and my Coke Zero I think I'll be alright.  I'm really not looking forward to the gym tonight though.  I've made a commitment to a friend as well as my husband, that beginning today, I would join them at the gym for a workout for an hour after work every day.  The thing is, I haven't worked out for an hour in about a year and a half!  It's going to be brutal.  And since both my friend and husband know that I don't rely on my inhaler anymore I can't fool them by faking an asthma attack.  It used to work, really it did.  I wont try to find a way out of it this year.  I'll simply despise going to the gym and just trudge through it. Bleh.....

This is my warning:  I will be sugarless, and very worn out at the end of the night so tomorrow, watch out! My happy shoes are being parked for 75 days until I sail away to Mexico!

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