Dec 7, 2010

Maybe I'm NUTS

Do you dream? I can't remember the last time I had a dream.  The older (and more tired) I get, I think I just go into a coma and then God gives me a little push when it's almost time to wake up.

Last night however was a different story.

All throughout my day, I'm thinking of things to tell you.  I literally write my story in my head.  Sometimes I write little notes to remind myself of something funny that happened so I can play off of that.  Yesterday as I got home from work I felt like I had a million things to do.  Supper, homework, secret Santa, bathtime, cleaning up to get ready for BUNCO (at my house this month, YAY!), paint and you see where I'm going with this.  I feel like I have no time to spend with hubs.

So, last night while I was making some snacks for the office it felt like I hadn't heard hubs in a while.  I walked into our bedroom and he was busy replacing all of the pictures from my dresser. that he dusted. with pledge!  Wow!  A few minutes later I heard him in our living room.  SWEEPING!  This is really nice, I thought.  I have a great husband!

I alwasy check email and browse a few other blogs and wind down.  When I got into bed hubs was almost asleep and I just touched him and told him thanks.  I layed there for a long time thinking of what to tell you about him and just exactly how I was going to portray the wonderfulness of my guy.  I had it all planned out and then fell fast asleep.

And, so the dream begins.  I dreamed I was in a car accident in a Cracker Barrel parking lot.  I was meeting some of my girl friends so, I just went on in and I would deal with it later. Next scene is me walking out of the restaraunt noticing that my car is completely mangled and it's now pitch black outside.  I take a deep breath, close my eyes for a second and when I open them I'm at the opposite end of the parking lot away from where my car was.  Only, there was now a tow truck, rental car and car was running.  I faintly noticed my husband out of the corner of my eyes but when I focused he was gone.  Just like that.  I was calling his name and two people started walking toward me.  Only, it wasn't him or anyone I've seen in a very long time.  The closer they were to me, I was able to make out that it was my Aunt Linda and my cousin Jon.  What?! Why?  Oh my god, help me.  Why are they here?  Who sent them?  I was trying desperately in my dream to figure it out.  Instantly Jon handed me her cell phone and I was trying to dial my husband.  But each time I dialed the numbers exactly, completely different numbers were being entered and I kept getting people in China and I heard nothing but laughter.  I noticed that Jon had his arm around Linda and every time she said something to me the only thing that moved was her jaw.  Her eyes were glassed over and the rest of her body was motionless.  During my panic and fear of not ever finding my husband to tell him thank you for taking care of me, I discovered that her lips were painted on and her jaw was wooden.  She wasn't Aunt Linda at all, but a BEAUTIFUL Nutcracker and her keeper was her son, my cousin Jon.  Upon that realization, a rush of loud music over came the parking lot and my husband was shaking me awake!

I had a few seconds to put it all together and before I let him escape the bed I told him I loved him and he'd never know just how much I really appreciate every single thing he does for me.

He rolled his eyes, and headed to the shower.  I lay in bed wondering what that dream meant.  Hubs is always doing something fantastic and amazing for me, even though he doesn't have to.  It's never a second thought for him.  He does these things as though he wouldn't rather do anything but what he does for me.  For us, for our family.  Does he really, truly know how thankful I am? 

My only explanation for my Aunt being a Nutcracker is this;  the last blog I read showcased an AWESOME Nutcracker.  Perhaps I show my appreciation to hubs with Nutcracker mannerisms....wooden and motionless....(but painted so beautiful!).

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