Dec 6, 2010

So I got a little excited!

This weekend I turned into my mother.

It's not such a bad thing.

I've been pushing it off only because I wanted to be my own person.  But to be like her is wonderful, if I do say so myself.

Don't get me wrong.  I love my mom, she's my best friend.  Besides my sister who has taken a hiatus to even being my sister, and that's another story.

So, mom is this little tiny lady - and that is the only place we differ because, I AM NOT TINY - who has a whole bunch of spunk and can really tell you off if you displease her in any way. 

She likes to watch football and baseball.  She cooks so wonderfully, and takes care of her man.  She loves to read and watch sad movies with happy endings.  All things I love as well.

I had realized that I was becoming her the day I said "sorry" to my husband after an argument just so I could go to bed without being in a fight.  I can remember listening to my parents argue sometimes and my mom would cry sometimes and I'd tell her: "Mom, just go say you're sorry.  I hate it when you guys fight and dad is so stubborn that he'll never admit when he's wrong.  So, just go make up and tell him your sorry!"  She always did.  Just to keep the peace.  Well, I have done it once or twice and it just works.

So, hubs and I are watching the Saints game yesterday and I'm pissed.  Calling plays that Payton should do and he's not doing.  Suggesting loudly, that Drew should opt to pass the ball rather than run it.  I mean Chris Ivory did well yesterday but you'll never convince me that a run play is better when it's 3 and 18.  That's ridiculous.  At the end of the game the announcers couldn't understand what Sean and Drew were doing.  It was 4 and 2.  A long 2 yards at that.  38 seconds to go and Saints are down by 3. The punt team didn't come onto the field and Drew looks as if he'd just woken up from a little nap.  Looking left to right as the play clock dwindles down.  I'm thinking to myself;

"DUDE, you better hurry up!! And what the hell are you doing? You better settle for a field goal."

Two seconds on the play clock and the Saints call time out.  Whew, even though you wasted a time out at least you came to your senses and you're gonna kick it, tie it up and go into overtime.  So, they come back from commercial break and what do I see?  NOT THE PUNT TEAM AT THE LINE!  Drew Brees is back behind center and the play clock is winding down.  Hubs says:

They're gonna try and draw the Bengals offsides

No way, they'll never do it, Cincinnati is playing smart.  And trying to draw them offsides at the end of a game when you're three points behind is just stupid.  Totally LAME.  Even though it's legal, it's still totally stupid.  Like the "let's call time out right before the kicker kicks to try and throw him off".  That's legal too and just as stupid.

And, since everyone at home knew, surely the Bengals know.  They didn't.  Or, they did but couldn't help themselves.  Now, I was watching for it and I mean *really* watching.  The second #90 moved I knew it worked!!  And here goes me, channelling my mother;


Now, if you say that with as much emotion and excitement I did while jumping up and down, then you too have channelled my sweet mommy.  Except try not to scare the crap out of your kids like I did.  They'll never look at me the same again.

It's fun, and I am so glad to be just like her!

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