Dec 28, 2010

And so it continues.....

I did it!  And, I'm actually looking forward to doing it again.  I know that's really weird but my parents always told me that when you get older you turn all weird and stuff.  I guess I used to call them weird?

Anyway, I went to the gym.  I didn't let my friend down by ditching her and letting her work out solo.  Although, there was potential for let down.  Who in the world can resist this:

Mommy?  You're leaving AGAIN?  You just got home from work....I haven't seen you all day long.  I had to go to the movies with daddy and eat popcorn and then we came home and played the Wii all day long and just lounged around.  Why can't you lounge around with me???

Oh son, I made a promise that I'm going to keep so I must go to the gym.  I'll only be gone an hour and then when I get home we can play!

He was happy with that and told me not to sweat too much because I stink when I sweat.  The nerve!

Two things I need to mention about yesterday's blog:

1st, I got a lot of lip from one person because of a certain beverage that I drink.  Which majorly sucked out loud because this person is, besides my husband and children and parents, one of the MOST IMPORTANT persons in my life!!!  I love him because he makes me laugh and I try with everything I have to make him laugh too.  Because, you know, laughter is the *best* remedy for anything...sickness, sadness, anger, turmoil, tragedy. Anything.  When you laugh it's fun right?  Also, you lose calories when you laugh.  Did you know that?  I think that's cool but apparently I'm not laughing enough because I'm still what these sweet people in the south call "a big girl".  Whatevs.  My sweet brother posted a comment on my Facebook page where I linked my blog last night.  And although he only said; "Diet Coke?.....Really?"  It sliced right through me like a knife.  I immediately tried to come back with some witty response because I wanted to make him laugh about it.  Even though it was written as "Diet Coke?.....Really?"  I read;

"WHAAAAAT!?!?! You drink Diet Coke?  How could you?  After all the memories we've shared of being siblings and the effort you and I have put forth to stay close and really be there for each other.  Sending silly texts, even drunk texts sometimes - 'June Cleaver' how could  you!  I know I haven't walked across burning searing hot coals for  you but really? You drink my competition??? 

All I could think of was how he truly may be thinking that I'm betraying him and that I really don't like him at all and that it's just one big giant facade, our sisterly/brotherly love.  So, I did a little research to try and find some products that I actually use without even knowing that I'm supporting him.  He served 23 years in the Air Force.  He fought for our Country on numerous occasions and it would only be the right thing to do, by supporting his civilian job now.  To give back, if I may. Did you know that PEPSICO owns brands like Frito-Lay, Tropicana and Gatorade?  And even when you're waking up bright and early in the morning for a hot bowl of steaming oatmeal, you would be supportive of him by choosing the Quaker Brand!  I'm totally impressed now.  As if I weren't already enamored with my brother and the effortless way he makes life *look* (I said look because, really, we all know that sometimes life can just suck eggs), now after a really simple search I find that with minimal effort on my part, I can still totally support him WITHOUT having to drink that nasty after tasting, other brand's diet soft drink.  I can still drink my diet Coke (sorry bro), and have my Doritos too!  I could even have a different item for every single meal in support of my brother and not have to give up my said favorite soft drink.  For instance;  I could wake up and have a bowl of Cap'n Crunch for breakfast, Life Cereal or even Oatmeal and drink a Starbucks Doubleshot or Frappuccino.  Check mark for support of your brother at breakfast time. For lunch a quick Quaker Rice Cake with peanut butter.  Another check mark for that there QUAKER Rice Cake! At the gym I could sport around my Propel Vitamin Enhanced Water.  Check!  Last, dinner time wouldn't be complete without the delicious Near East Side Dishes - Rice Pilaf for one, is pretty outstanding if you ask me.  Or, how about some Rice-A-Roni?  The San Francisco Treat has always been and continues to be a favorite in my house with a nice Steak from the grill.  Check.Mark! See - I support you brother, in EVERYTHING I do - just don't mess with my Diet Coke!

That brings me right into the second reason for this follow up post.  A really great friend of mine and the sweetest most elegant lady emailed and said;

Gen, saw your blog today about the new year diet....I'm with you's not the food with me.  Food just doesn't turn me on that much........."

And that's where it all went fuzzy to me.  My jaw almost hit the floor.  I was shocked and literally speechless.  That was it exactly!  I am cheating on my husband.  I am having a love affair with *food*!  Food turns me on!  I sat and thought about it and it's true.  Food can make me smile, cry, and has even angered me at times.  There are times when I bake or cook something that I just want to stare at it and not even eat it because it looks so pretty or I've worked so hard at it, that I don't want to ruin it.  I mean, who else do you know googles Pepsico products just to be sure she's eating the right ones as to not betray her brother?  I mean seriously, I can get pretty excited over a tortilla.  Yes, a really fresh homemade hot off the press tortilla.  There honestly isn't anything better. Well, add some real butter and that might be better than sex!

So needless to say, last nights prayers were a bit strange.  Although I believe that God knows everything we are thinking before we even think it, I have to wonder sometimes if He doesn't think I am the NUTTIEST person He has ever created.  They were on the lines of something like this:

Dear God,

Wow!  You really pulled that one off.  You scared me for a minute there - I thought you were going to let those dirty birds win.  And really, the 'Saints' should always be the winner because, h-e-l-l-ooooo - they're Saints, like You.  You get where I'm coming from right?  Also, if my brother is mad at me, like really mad because I don't drink Diet Pepsi, could You find a way for him to forgive me?  I know I'm his favorite sister and all and that should be enough for me but since I'm younger and a tiny bit insecure, perhaps you could make him laugh at me more?  I know that sounds totally strange but I never said I was normal, You should know that.  I'm not telling you how to run things and that You should listen to me but, it would help things a bit.  What?  Yes, I do believe I'm living right and so my requests to You should come very easy.  Yes, sir I will work on being a little nicer to my children.  Listen God, You're steering me off my course here.  I just have one more thing.  My eye's opened a little bit wider today when someone mentioned to me that she didn't get "turned on" by food.  I was a little bit appalled.  I thought to myself, and You probably heard because You are the all knowing and all but, who doesn't totally love food?  Why is it such a sin to be "*in love*" with food?  You created it right?  So, it's like, OK to be in love with it.  That's my thought process anyway so sweet precious Lord, will you PLEASE ask my sweet friend who is thin and pretty and elegant and just plain nice and probably doesn't have to lift a finger to stay in shape to find it in her heart make up with Food?  It's just unfair for her to have to go through life without the wonderful love affair I have with food.  She should feel that way too because it's well, a wonderful feeling! In fact, I wish that for everyone I come in contact with.  They should all love food the way I do.  What's that You say? Yes, yes I do live in Mississippi.  Yes, we are the fattest State.  Oh, want me to move to another state so I can get the rest of the Country on board!  I'll have to think about it and get back to You on that one.  I just love the South!  God, I love You and want You to have a good night and please for love of Christ will you shut that barking dog up next door?  Love You God! ~ Gen

That's just the kind of relationship we have, me and God.  I can talk to him like that.  I know that's why sometimes I have diarrhea in the morning or a slight headache. We have to live with consequences, but I know He loves the way I can just chit chat with him!


  1. are a nut....a good and funny nut, I might add....but still a nut.

    Please know that there are some foods that I really do LOVE (pizza w/ranch dressing, fried chicken from Two Sisters, Krispy Kremes..still warm and dripping with glaze and CHOCOLATE....always chocolate) but because I would not freak or cease to breathe if I had to give these up (except for the chocolate), I think that I am not "in love" with food as you said and hopefully, God will understand and forgive me for my twisted view on one of his glorious creations. And...I don't think that food has ever made me cry.

    You sweet dear girl (you called me elegant....awwww) should know that I have to lift more than a finger these days with the hormone war and the over ____, (well I'm older than you)to keep everything from puffing out and falling to the floor. See you at the gym!!!!

  2. Wow sis! I'm genuinely impressed! Not so much for the laundry list of Pepsico items that you rambled on and on about as much as the impressive way that you deciphered the "Diet Coke, Really?" comment! It's like your the South's version of Robert Langdon....taking a 3-word quote and summarizing its relevance on a life-long, sibling relationship. The way you so profoundly defined the true symbolism of the ellipses; pure genius!
    But if you must know......I don't drink the stuff either. Not that I prefer one over the other, it's just that when I actually get a chance to enjoy a beverage, I'd rather it be one that includes hops and barley amongst its key ingredients, and we just don't happen to make those here at Pepsi!
    The beauty about Pepsico is that if offers something for everyone. For you, it may be the Frappucino...for someone else, it may be the Gatorade...and for me, it's the opportunity to impact a community. Oh....and the paycheck!

    Love you Genny! Keep on blogging! I love it!