Mar 3, 2011

Day Four: Birthday Suit

The last time I got completely naked with the lights on, I was trying to make my husband laugh at me, not trying to get him to take me serious.

The only other time he saw me naked I was asking him over and over again if my legs were sticking up in the air.  Because it feels like my legs are sticking straight up in the air.  Are they sticking up in the air Jason?

No Genny, they're strapped down!

I was on the table in the OR having my son cut out of my belly.  And even then he couldn't look!

Nudity is just something I'm not comfortable with. 

Even when I was fairly decent looking in a bathing suit, I never wanted to go around nude.  Now hubs on the other hand is a different story.  I mean, he's never really walked around nude but if he could get away with wearing his boxer briefs around the house all day every day, he'd do it.

The instructions for day four of my 10 day marriage re-vamp: Wear your Birthday Suit.

Because I can't ship my kiddos off in the middle of the week and I will not allow a furlough during our KY reconnection, we modified the Birthday Suit.  And even though it wasn't pretty, I wore a cute little spaghettistrapsilknightie that barely covered my ass.  I just can't walk around with my middle showing. For a while I had to wear panties - just until the kids went to bed.  Then I made hubs promise to lay a towel on the love seat in case I laughed too hard and peed.

What?  Two babies does that shit to you!

So, hubs walked around in almost naked but until the kids went to bed he put a pair of sweat shorts on. I'm used to him like that, but me, looking the way I did?  He was rushing time and trying to make the boys go to bed at 7 p.m.!!  Not because I was looking hot.  More because I wasn't constantly complaining about my fat arms or the orange peel effect which was more prevalent on my right leg than my left.  I held my head up high and smiled.  I said positive things and because I was convincing myself that I was the pretty girl he married, I actually *felt* like a pretty girl. 

Since we've been focusing on getting intimate, we had a lot of DVR'd shows to watch.  Once the kids were asleep and I was SURE my bladder was empty, we took our places right next to each other. It was nice cuddling on the loveseat skin to skin while we watched our shows.  Occasionally, I had to cover up with a blanket when I freaked out because I thought I heard a kid wandering around.  But, for the most part once we both let our guard down, it was nice finally feeling secure in the skin we married each other in.

For more info on the K-Y Intimacy Experiment, check out the KY-Couples Place.

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