Mar 30, 2011

Here's my Disclaimer: Read My Blog Your Own Risk

This is supposed to be a SHORT CLEAN blog. 

I doubt it will end up that way.

I've been busy for the past few weeks.  Busy reviewing products. Busy packing for vacation and then resting from vacation. I've even been busy at work.  I know, weird right?  I mean, give me a break boss.  I come to work to rest from being a mom and a wife for crying out loud. I'm so busy that I'm too busy to be busy!

I digress.

One of the major things that I can't stop thinking about here lately is that I'm kind of OUT THERE. Aren't I?  Like, I know I'm out there, like *crazy* out there.  But, the way I'm talking about is that I say quite a bit of stuff that some people may think I should take a little more lightly or perhaps not be so open about.  Maybe I shouldn't tell everyone that I'm a raging bitch and I don't know how my husband puts up with me?  Maybe I shouldn't tell you how I feel about gay and lesbian marriage or even share that I have homosexuals in my family. Perhaps people find it offensive that I talk about my sex life on the Internet.  And maybe, just maybe I should stop using such foul language. 

That's just not who I am y'all!  I'm not going to shake your hand after meeting you for the first time and say "How the fuck are ya!" And, there are a few words that I just refuse to say one of them starts with a C.  Funny, I have a friend that says:  "She's nothing but a that word I don't say"....Anyway.

Something that I often have to think twice about is *WHO* is following/reading me on Facebook, on my Blog, on TWITTER, basically the Internet as a whole.  When I say I'm out there, I mean you could probably google me and find something very offensive and my name is behind it.  Just last night while I was talking to my mom on the phone she mentioned something about my dad finding a picture of someone on *my* Facebook page. 

WTF, dad looks at my Facebook page?  How, does he have a Facebook account?

I don't think so, he just has ways....

Believe me y'all, he really does have ways.  He's a retired Attorney so he knows how to snoop.  Where do you think I learned it from?

Then thoughts went racing into my head like my mother and father-in-law reading my blog or my facebook page or my blog or finding my tweets.  What if they read them? 

For a minute those thoughts really worried me. But, so what if my dad looks at my Facebook page? So what if my father-in-law reads my blog? They are only finding out that in today's society we are a lot more open than they used to be.  I'm 99.9% sure they have done everything we are doing now.  They just didn't have the tools we do these days to brag about it and tell the entire world.  Back then that would have been a lot of letter writing! I am who I am and I speak my mind and if I want you to know something about my life or someone else's, I'm going to tell you especially if it's a juicy story. 

UNLESS it hurts your feelings. If it hurts you in any way, OF COURSE I'll apologize for it and I might just do it publicly and even remove it from my world of publicness.  Because my peeps, you have got to understand that by no means, in no way, not ever will I do something with the pure INTENT on hurting you or anyone, especially if I love you.  Hell, if I've even spoke to you I probably already love you so that's a great huge area of peeps!  But, I really do have a heart and I'm not stupid either.

There is ONE person that I don't ever want to hurt (other than my children) and that is my husband.  He has been my everything.  He is a rock that I can depend on no matter what situation I get myself into.  He's that guy who has a solution to everything.  He also is one of two people in my life that I know doesn't ever let anything bother him.  Both he and my father have this ability to let things roll off their backs like water rolls off the back of a duck.  He just finds a way around the giant boulder in the road and keeps moving right along.  With that being said, there are people in his life that could be affected by what I say and do.  I don't want to hurt those people either. 

So, this is kind of like my public apology to anyone I've ever wronged or offended.  I'm sorry y'all.  I really am.  If you are one that I was just speaking to you need remember that you clicked on my blog, Facebook, Twitter or whatever it is you're reading, so you can easily remove yourself from my social media places of reading enjoyment - just don't read it. 

I can be your secret guilty pleasure. Go on, keep reading and laugh out loud.  You know you want to.

See you when you stop by tomorrow!

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  1. you should probably watch the video on my fb page. love ya