Mar 3, 2011

Day Three: Do you believe in love at first sight, or do I need to walk past you again?

First let me apologize for being tardy to the party.  I hate that song.  Anyway, I haven't written in the last two days because of a traumatic situation that my son put me through but that's a whole different blog.  I promise to tell you about it after these blissful 10 days of Marriage/Lovers Rehab.

Also, having to have a full time job sucks because y'all, I've never been so busy in my life!  I guess someone thinks I'm responsible or something.  I'm going to have to do something about that right away.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Ring, ring.

Picks up phone: This is Heather (I had a total attitude because the operator told me it was my Ex-husband Jason on the phone).

Man on line: Hi Heather, this is Jason.  Your friend Sasha gave me your number.

Heather: Oh!!  Whew!  Forgive me for the tone - the operator told me it was my ex-husband.  Funny, Sasha didn't tell me your name was Jason!

Man: Um, is your ex-husbands name Jason?

Heather:  Hmmm?  I'm sorry, what?

Man:  Oh, name, it' name is Jason and I just wanted to call and say hello.  Sasha has told me quite a bit about you.  I thought maybe we could meet sometime.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Fast forward three weeks and FINALLY on a Friday night we met.  We talked on the phone every afternoon, at practically the same time every single day.  I laughed so much, I swear I hadn't ever laughed that much in my life.  He was funny and sweet and very charming.  You know, as charming as you can be over the telephone. That Friday, he called at work (I was too chicken to give him my home phone number because I am also WAY too cheap to have it unlisted.  Dude, he could Google me.) and we decided that we'd meet at the club.  We set a time and hung up.  For some reason I was totally nervous.  I went to my friend Sasha, who by the way is my hair stylist AND knows Jason because her salon is inside a tanning salon where he tans.  She convinced me that I needed to flat iron my hair.  So, I let her and I haven't turned back. You know, because that's how Jason knows me. With flat hair. I headed home and changed and decided I was going to beat him to the club, get at least one drink in me to relax and then play it from there. 

Last night, we reenacted our first ever face to face conversation when I met my charming husband 8 years ago.  It goes *something* like this:

As I walk through the door, my nerves have got the best of me and I can hardly smile.  I so bad want him to look good.  But, that's not what matters, right?  Tell me I'm right, God....tell me I'm right.  I keep convincing myself that looks do not matter. I'm really not that shallow and since we've met over the phone and talked to each other for three weeks now, I should be OK if he's not the cutest thing since Luke Perry. 

I promise I didn't call anyone to meet me there "just in case" but, I spotted a girlfriend and her guy friend and I made a bee-line for them.  I didn't tell them that I was meeting anyone special, just a "friend".  I quickly made it through my first Captain Morgans and Dr. Pepper and ordered my second.  I barely put my hand around the glass and the bartender told me that it was paid for.

I'm sorry, what?

Your drink, that one's paid for.  The guy over there in the Old Navy t-shirt?  He paid for it.

Holy mother of Jesus, how am I going to explain it to Jason that someone else is buying me drinks?  Think, think fast.  I need to go tell him thank you but what if he gets the wrong impression?  I'll just be honest with him and tell him I'm meeting a blind date. 

I walked to him and held out my hand for a handshake - "Heather, nice to meet you!  Thank you for the drink. 

Oh, you're welcome.  I couldn't pass up your pretty face.

That's awfully sweet of you.  I need to be honest with you though.  I'm meeting a blind date in about 30 minutes.  So, I don't want to lead you in the wrong direction.

So you're single?

Yes, have been for over a year now.  I guess I'm ready.  Who knows?

Well, I'll be here for a while.  If your blind date doesn't work out.  Come find me.  Good Luck.

Thank you very much.

I headed out back to the deck for fresh air.  The time was closing in on me and my insides were in a big knot.  A few more friends stopped by to chat and time passed quickly.

Oh no, here comes Old Navy.  God, if this thing doesn't work out with Jason, I'll get major hottie's Old Navy number!  As he was walking toward me I noticed that his eyes didn't divert from mine the entire time.  When he stopped in front of me he said:

Do you believe in love at first sight, or do I gotta walk by you again?

I was speechless, and completely confused.  When I didn't say anything back and could only crack a smile, he held out his hand and said:

I'm Jason, are you Heather?

My heart was beating a mile a minute and I couldn't stop laughing.  I was *so* glad that "Old Navy" turned out to be the man I had been talking to on the phone for the last three weeks.  And all of the sudden, a thousand thoughts came rushing to my mind.

He got to the club early like me, was he planning on skipping out if pretty girl didn't walk through the door? OMG, he'd been watching me the entire time. My friends that were here already had been talking to him also, did they know we were meeting? Did HE call them? Crap, crap, crap!  What do I do, what do I say? I'm freaking out!

I was just myself.  I stood up and hugged him and he wrapped his arms around me (yes, high school dance style - but I was much skinnier then) and planted the most tender, juicy, very, very long kiss on my lips.  And I kissed him back.  I had been so ready to kiss those Old Navy lips anyway, so I didn't even think twice about it.

As the night wore on, we danced.  Chatted in the cool night air some more and had the most amazing first date ever.  He drove me home that night, and walked me to my door.  I asked him if he'd like to come in and he politely declined.  The next day, he cooked me dinner at his house and for the next 3 years we had never ever spent the night apart.

8 years and a 2nd son later, we honestly love each other more every single year.  But, with kids it's so easy to get in a rut and forget about what it is that you love about your spouse.  What makes your insides go wild about them?  How they look at you?  You forget the silly things that used to make you laugh but now make you cringe.  I forgot about the way he walked to me that night and two nights ago when we replayed it, I found out that he has never changed the way he walks to me with intent and loving, sometimes very passionate eyes. 

We shared our journals as suggested by the KY Intimacy Experiment  and I was surprised to learn that he *loves* the way I seem so unknowing.  Because it means he can "show me the ropes", take me under his wing, if you will.  That right there melted me.  I was so excited to share mine.  We mesh so well because I mostly wrote how I love that he takes care of every situation, no matter what.  And, that he's the mean guy.  You know, the bad cop to the kids when they get in trouble.  I don't have to do it because he's got my back!

I freaked out a little bit that he called me Heather and then I remembered that we were "playing".  I was a little bummed that he didn't want to change his name but he did change his occupation and where he was from. 

Now, I'm married to Jason who is a multi-million dollar entrepreneur in Landscape Franchises all around the world.  He's basically a Horticulturist and the best part.  He's from Hawaii and loves girls from California.

In my wildest dreams.

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