Mar 9, 2011

Day Six: You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours

Touch me so I don't have a heart attack.

What are you talking about?

If you touch me, it will make my blood pressure go down and I'll be all happy.

Yeah, right.

Today's exercise is all about touch.  I feel like we've been down this road before but, I swear I'm reading day six.  And, honestly I can't count on one hand how many days *didn't* go by that we never touch at all.  Aside from the quick peck on the cheek and a high five or two every now and then.  So, I want to take this seriously to see if our attitudes will lighten up a bit.

The other day, I made him hug me while I counted to thirty. Today, I made him hold my hand in the grocery store.  Not the whole time because damn it if his hands didn't start to get all clammy.  Nothing worse than clammy hands for real!  When we put the groceries in the car I was waiting for him in the passenger seat and I leaned over to kiss him.  He was a little weirded out.

Babe, someone is going to see us!

I know, and heaven forbid if someone sees a man and a wife showing a *little* affection for each other!


And he leaned in again for the rest of my kiss.  I really did try to hold his hand on the way home but seriously, I think the man has diabetes because his hands were all sweaty again. 

All the time he's smacking my ass as I walk through the kitchen.  Or like, as soon as I get done filing some paperwork in the bathroom, he thinks it's totally funny to try and jiggle the fat parts of my ass.  Doesn't he know that some things take time to get back to normal?  I mean for real...leave me alone until I can recuperate!

So, for our evening exercise I wanted to give him a full body massage.  I wanted to be nice to him, like he is to me when I whine for 40 hours that my back hurts and will you please rub my shoulders and lower back and tickle my arms and play with my hair?  He has a totally sensitive body and it's from one extreme to the other.  Either I'm to soft and it tickles him to death, or I'm being much too rough for his sissy pants.  I swear I think I massaged him for an hour and he was so relaxed, he didn't even take his contact lenses out before falling asleep!  I snuggled in next to him and probably slept better than I have in weeks!

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