Feb 27, 2011

Day One: Change of Routine

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Every single day, this is what my home life has become.  Except it goes something like this:

Work. Cook. Sleep. Repeat.  Day in and day out.  It's a simple routine that sometimes gets a little boring.  But, I've gotten so used to this routine, that when my husband tries to take a different route, I get really irritable.  I don't like to sway from normalcy much.

But I have to do something because he doesn't look at me the way he used to.  He doesn't even joke with me anymore.  He says it's because I'm not fun anymore and I don't laugh at him.  I can't take a joke the way I used to. 

That is not what I wanted to hear.  Especially since I'm a little insecure already.  I mean, what if some skinny broad comes along and sweeps him off his feet?  What if there were someone paying much more attention to him than I?  We literally talk for about 10 minutes before we fall asleep.  And don't even think about trying to touch me in the bed when I'm trying to sleep.  I need my beauty sleep!

But, that's all about to change, thank you The K-Y® Brand Intimacy Experiment. I realize that I need to give him more attention because he really could go out and get it from someone else and I think it's my job to prevent that from happening. 

They've provided me with an amazing prize package along with a 10 day relationship guide created by real doctors that will guide us through experiments meant to strengthen and improve our relationship and intimacy.

10 days of listening to his inner most thoughts and doing things we *both* want to do without having to take off work to go to therapy.  Not to mention, this shit is FREE!  That's all I had to say to my husband and he was on board.  He made me promise not to take pictures of him naked though. Chicken.

So, Day One: The Bedroom

We were to step into the doorway of our room and decide if it was really somewhere we could take full advantage of hot steamy love making.  You know, like hotel sex?  No distractions, nothing to look at except a fluffy bed with crisp white sheets and no laundry baskets piled up at the end of the bed.  When Hubs and I did this, we fell out laughing because it was exactly that ~ Laundry basket and the newspaper spread out all over the bed.  Dr. Pepper cans on the computer table and my oh-so-sexy CPAP mask hanging on the bedpost.  Our bedroom is a catch all for everything family related.  There is nothing inviting about my room except for the color and the fact that there are like a million pillows.  We all hang out in our room for some reason.  Even the boys lay across the bed to do their homework in our room!  See:

So together we cleaned up our room and told the boys that no longer would they be hanging out in our room.  We'd help them with their homework at the table and then they could watch TV in their own rooms.  I mean, they both have a television in their rooms so why not?

It was fun doing the project together and I knew that my husbands motivation was the awesome box of lube and fun stuff we received from the KY Brand Intimacy Experiment.  I'd be kidding if I said I weren't a little bit excited to see what this stuff was all about.  I see the commercials and think: "yea right, fireworks my ass"  So, I'm looking forward to it!  Our Love Nest came out looking like this:

And, like the Title of my blog says:  OMG!!! (leave out the Whatever) I love this stuff!

“I wrote this posting while participating in a blog campaign on behalf of K-Y® Brand and also received product samples to help facilitate my review. In addition, K-Y® Brand sent me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

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