Feb 24, 2011

I Can Get Naked Too

I know it's still winter and all but dude, lately it's been like 80 degrees in the Deep South! 

I don't know if you know this but, when you are "big boned" like me, the thermostat might as well be reading 120 degrees.  For real.  Plus, this big girl has a TON of hair that I'm unwilling to part with.  The mornings around here are not pretty.  My bedroom fan is on full blast and I have to dry my hair in 10 minute increments.  And, every single morning when I'm done drying and flat ironing my hair, I stick my face in the freezer for a few minutes to cool down before I put my make-up on.  I do that every. single. morning.

So, last night I went for a run, I mean a jog. Hell I walked OK?  And, I'd be lying to you if I said I walked fast because I didn't.  Anyway, when I got back in the house it felt like a flipping sauna in here.  I clicked the on the air conditioner because HELLO, the weatherman said the high today was 80.  As soon as Hubs heard the unit kick on he came running down the hall freaking out and clicked it right back off.

Why are you turning the *air* on?

Because, I just walked three miles and it's hot in this house.  It got up to 80 degrees today and I need to cool the house down!

But, I'm freezing and you're just hot because you just got done exercising!

Jason, put some damn clothes on and you wouldn't be freezing!

Why do I have to remind my husband who is six years older than I am that if you lay around the house in nothing but a pair of boxer shorts you're *gonna* get cold?  It's like talking to a kid I'm telling you! 

I finished washing the dinner dishes and started the boys shower and baths for the night.  After they were occupied I went to my bedroom and took off all of my clothes except my panties.  Hubs was sitting on the couch watching Sportscenter and I non chalantly walked into the room with the broom and started sweeping.

Now look, there was NOTHING pretty about the sight that he saw.  Remember, undies only and the girls were certainly not cooperating as they insisted on resting on my hips.  It was so hard for me to keep a straight face and honestly, I don't know how I did it.  Hubs jumped up from the couch and screamed:


I simply said, if you're going to be pissed about me turning the air conditioner on at the same time you walk around here almost naked, then I'm going to walk around here almost naked so I can try and be "freezing" like you!

He stomped down the hall like a 6 year old who didn't get his way, towards our bedroom, clicked the air conditioner back on and returned to the living room fully clothed.  Well, he put a t-shirt and some socks on.  He was still complaining about being cold so I covered him in a blanket!

I cannot help it that his metabolism works a hell of a lot better than mine.

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  1. I just don't even know what to say.... you have managed to leave me at a loss for words.

    All I can say is YOU GO GIRL!