Feb 9, 2011

5 Things and a Giveaway

Five things I don't ever leave the house without.

Only Five?


Let me try this. Is it cheating if one of the five things is my purse?  Because I can shove a lot of things in that purse!  Just take a look at SOME of the things in my purse...these are definitely the most important to me:

Obviously, the first of my "Five Things" is my cell phone because I do not know how I survived without one.  EVER.  And naturally, my wallet is in my purse but what's important *in* the wallet is the credit card that is completely burning a damn hole in my wallet.  Shhh....don't tell my husband. 

Since I'm not counting my wallet (because duh, who doesn't put their wallet in their purse) the second don't leave home without is my hair clips.  I have long bangs and most of the time they are pushed behind my ear but sometimes those bastards fall in my eyes. All. Day. Long.  I have to put my hair up and yes, I look like Pebbles.

Number three goes to my roll-on perfume.  I can never ever have enough Juicy!  The one pictured above is the fifth one in my possession.  Hubby bought the original one for me as a happy.  It was the only perfume he's ever bought me so, I guess that's why I like the scent.  You think it would hurt his feelings if I changed flavors?  Because I really want DKNY Pure.  It smells so yummy.  And, I want to smell yummy.

The fourth item really should be the first but you know, not everyone has their priorities straight.  So, number four is my migraine meds.  As you can see, I have many different options to choose from. I never *ever* leave the house without them.  Even if I'm just going to the tanning bed. Seriously.

Lastly, my lip moisturizer.  This is not lipstick.  It's not lip gloss.  It's not even chap stick.  It's moisturizer for  your lips, and I can promise you that once you try it, you will become addicted just like I have.  My friend Holly bought me one after she tried it.  Seriously, she got home, opened the package used it and hopped right back in her SUV, drove back to the store and bought one for me.  How sweet right?  I think so because I love this stuff.  It's made by Carmex but doesn't really have that distinct carmex smell.  It makes your lips shiny like  you have lip gloss on but not all goopy like when you put lip gloss on and can't touch your lips together because they'll get stuck.  The lip moisturizer has aloe in it so it soothes your lips too!  It's like rubbing a stick of butter on your lips without that nasty taste.  Plus, could you imagine how you would smell if you used butter as lip moisturizer?

There you have it - the Five Things I will not ever leave my house without.  Look at this:

I couldn't just end it with the Five Things I'd never leave the house without. Here are five things at my desk that are *always* there and I couldn't function properly without. 

Lotion, because the soap in our bathrooms at work really dries my hands out. I'm in love with the Antibacterial Lotions and this one is ULTA's Pomegranate.  Love it!

A mirror, because nobody at my office will EVER tell me if I have a bat in the cave.  Plus, I like to look at myself.  I know there are two on my desk but I love my cute little Fleur De Lis Mirror.  It's all blingy and just fits my style!

Sticky notes, because I'm a sticky note whore and write on them and post them everywhere.  I love the colored ones - why because they're cute of course I do cute things!

Reading glasses, because hello - I'm getting older and can't see a blasted thing without them.  The readers in the picture above came from a dollar store.  I know right?  And they're so stylish I get compliments on them often.

And look, more lip moisturizer!  I really love this stuff so much that I have one in my purse, one in my car, one in my bathroom, one on my nightstand and one at my desk.  This stuff is so good I have it literally everywhere . It's like chocolate for my lips!

I love it so much I'm going to give it away.  I'm not being paid by anyone for my extreme pleasure in lip moisturizer, I just want to share with you my top five desk items!  One lucky winner will receive Lip Moisturizer, Hand Lotion, Cute Sticky Notes, A Fancy Pocket Mirror and YES - even Reading Glasses!  All you have to do is comment on this post and tell me your Five Things you'd never leave home without!  Because I love hilarity, I will pick the most hilarious list.

Have fun and be creative!


  1. Connie ChrietzbergFebruary 9, 2011 at 4:14 PM

    Hmmm top things I can't leave home without and you will always find in my purse, well let's see.

    #1 - cell phone no doubt! I have actually thought about attaching Velcro to my my body and my phone so I can just have it attached to me at all times. But I don't want people looking at me weird.

    #2 - Tampons, those are a MUST have at ALL times. You just never know when that pesky "Aunt Flo" is going to show up for her visit.

    #3 - Gum, peppermint or anything for a quick freshening of the breath. Nobody wants to talk to people with bad breath! And if I happen to meet someone with bad breath I can offer them a mint. :)

    #4 - Lip stick and gloss, for some reason I NEVER put them on until I leave the house. I wonder why?

    #5 - My insurance card. Because chances are we will end up in the ER due to one of my children getting hurt. Such as the time they wouldn't stop chasing each other around in Marble Slab and Brendan managed to break his collar bone. I felt slightly bad that I made him wait for me to finish my ice cream before heading to the ER but that shit is EXPENSIVE!

    So there you go.. if I had to pick my top 5 must have things in my purse those would be it.

  2. Carolyn Spencer :-DFebruary 9, 2011 at 4:26 PM

    #1 My new baby (1 week tomorrow) :-)
    #2 My old baby :-)
    #3 My flip flops bc that's ALL I wear. YES, even in this weather
    #4 My cell phone bc what would I do w/o FB
    #5 My Purse bc it has my debit card and other junk :-)
    I would say I'm quite booooooring but, the first 2 make me noooot bc they are my life :-)

  3. Carolyn Spencer :-DFebruary 9, 2011 at 4:28 PM

    Those are the things I would not leave home without :-)

  4. OK....5 Things I never leave home without:

    1. Cell phone. I too cannot believe that I ever lived without this vital piece of electronic happiness. It allows to me check facebook CONSTANTLY while I'm at work and the IT guys can't log it in, so it looks like I'm actually working the entire 8 hours. (Except for right now, when I'm at work and reading and responding to your blog. FAIL) But that's your fault because you posted this on facebook and I saw it on my phone and I'm an instant gratification kinda girl.

    2. My debit card. I don't carry a purse. I carry everything I need in my right back pocket. It drives my mother CRAZY! But, every morning before I leave the house I check the pocket and make sure the debit card is there. Here's why...My daughter can apparently only remember that she needs (or wants) things, one item at a time. Yesterday it was cotton balls and today it's Chex mix and chocolate chips. I tend to make daily stops at the grocery store or Target for her requests. She's an only child. Nuff said.

    3. Cash. Two words: Taco Truck

    4. AAA Card. I have bought a membership to AAA every year since I was 25 years old. EXCEPT last year. And the one year that I didn't buy the membership, I needed them 4 times!! I never leave home without the card now, and I haven't needed the damned thing since I renewed. It's one of those laws of life.

    5. Cigarettes. I gave up alcohol in Novemeber. Let me have my other disgusting habit and leave me alone about it. I KNOW it isn't healthy. I have a crappy 401K plan so I can't really afford to live to be old anyway.

  5. I'll give this a go:

    #1: My cell phone because the bastards down in the corporate IT department won't let me FB from my work computer! (Screw them, I tether my phone to my computer, shut their crap off, and FB anyway!) Ha! Not to mention I left it at home one day and it was like having a mini-crisis. I live 2 minutes from work...so close, but SOOOO far away!

    #2: L.I.P.G.L.O.S.S. I think I once posted a pic on FB of the top drawer in my desk. There were about 5 of them. That doesn't include what's in my purse, car, bathroom... I'm a whore. A lipgloss whore. (At least it's not the worst kind of whore, right?)

    #3 Lotion. I use it all the freaking time. I have a bottle at my desk, travel size in my purse, in my bathroom, bedroom, car. OK, maybe I'm a lotion whore too. Whatever. I'm a woman who likes soft, pretty skin. Get over it.

    #4 Mascara. My eyes are like the only semi-pretty thing about me and they look like death warmed over until I put on the black magic! They are suddenly transformed into flirtatious butterflies, fluttering for attention. I use two kinds, but I'm counting it as one.

    #5 I won't say debit card since I think I can make purchases with my phone now. My 5th has recently become my iPod touch. I want the best of all the worlds so my cell is a Droid and I carry an iPod touch to get all the features of an iPhone too. :) I'm now addicted to Words With Friends (Username: SpeclT if you play!) and have 7 active games.

    ...and if one of those could be something you can't touch, well, I would have to pick my attitude! That never leaves home without me!