Jan 14, 2011

BUNCO Part One

I'm whipped today.  Just plum tired and I don't want to do anything but start my YouTube Friday way too early and sit on my heating pad.  My Friday nights are sometimes spent sitting around the computer with my boys while I YouTube songs from my past.  Grade school all the way through college.  It gets really funny (and sometimes boring) when we go as far back as my husbands high school years!

Anyway, I played BUNCO last night and as usual came home with a headache from laughing for almost 3 hours straight.  The group of girls that I play with are all wonderful and so funny, and that is why I feel so tired and lazy today. 

Thank you to Connie, who is so sweet and amazing to invite us over to her house to laugh and play BUNCO!  But I have something quite alarming to tell y'all!  Connie is in serious denial!  She remains ashamed of who she is and to this very day continues to try and persuade her family and friends into believing that she is a fan of the Dallas Cowgirls Cowboys.  She has even gone as far as taunting me on my Facebook page. You know, pretending that she was so glad the Saints went one and done in the Playoffs this year.  You might have even read about the bantering back and forth between she and her good friend "Steve".  Even "Steve's" wife has been thrown into the heartbreaking "he said she said" colloquy, causing some very hard feelings after it has all been said and done. If you haven't heard all about it, you can read about it here.  Let me just tell you, if she's not a WHO DAT in the closet, bears don't shit in the woods! When you walk into her beautiful home here is what you see:

And all over the house you can find stuff like this:

And this:

That's not all - the color scheme in her kitchen in undeniably BLACK & GOLD.  Who paints their kitchen Gold and uses window treatments of black silk organza with Fleur de Lis embellishments throughout and ISN'T a New Orleans Saints Fan?  Even the giant window in her great room is draped with fabric in which there are hundreds, if not thousands of Fleur de Lis designs throughout.  As I wandered through her home in awe of her fondness for the New Orleans Saints I couldn't help but count each Fleur de Lis as I passed by it fighting the urge to slip just one or two items in my purse.  In plain view and without a lot of digging or looking behind around and under too many things I counted 75 of them.



If you know of a helpline or support group I can get my friend into, I would appreciate any help I can get.  This girl can't get the brown paper bag off of her head and is in complete denial that she is a Saints fan through and through.  I bet if I cut her open she would bleed black and gold.  Her phone was on silent all night but I guarantee she has "when the Saints go Marching in" set as her ring tone on her phone!

I didn't find one Star in her house.  Nothing was painted Blue and Silver.  There were no boots or straw hats displayed with love.  No shadow box filled with memorabilia to recall that long awaited Super Bowl win.  No sweat drenched wrist bands or ball gloves.  No signed tennis shoes or laminated Stadium tickets.

I did see some dirty old blue and white football that someone had scribbled on.  Funny, she had it in a Plexiglas case as if it were worth something.  So, there's no way she's a Dallas Cowboy fan.  What Cowboy fan has a home that looks as though it threw up  Fleur de Lis chotskies all over the place?

I think I need to call Jerry Jones on her!

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  1. I have been searching for the right words for my response. I still haven't found them, you have actually left me speechless. Not many people know how to do that!

    I am NOT and I repeat I am NOT a Saint's fan, never have and never will be. I LOVE my Cowboys to the end. I just happen to LOVE Fleur de Lis, it is the "symbol" of Louisiana to which I was born and raised. It is not my fault that the Saint's STOLE IT! :-P

    So let me just repeat one last time... I AM NOT AND NEVER WILL BE A SAINT'S FAN.EVER.

    I have Jerry Jones on the line and he says he understands.