Jan 19, 2011

I think I'm a Geezer

I have not been right today.  I have had way too many "senior" moments than should be allowed in one day.  Thing is, I don't even think I'm close to being eligible for AARP Senior discounts.

I woke up about 30 minutes late because my alarm didn't go off.  Only, the alarm on my husbands side of the bed did when it was time for *him* to get in the shower. 

SHIT.  I hate running late.  But today I had a hair appointment and decided that I'd just go ahead and skip the 45 minutes of work I was going to try to get in before the appointment.

So, I got ready and went to my 9:00 appointment. 

Dude, the lights were off in the Salon and there were NO cars in the parking lot.  I pulled up next to the building and read the hours on the door.  Monday - Saturday 10 am - 9 pm.

WTF?  How do I have a 9 am appointment and the damn shop doesn't open until 10?  I called hubs and told him.  He laughed at me because I cannot hear.  He said the girl probably said *ONE* not *NINE*.  As if her southern accent had that much of a drawl in it.  Whatever.

I drive around the back to see if my stylists car was there and it wasn't. 

I called her cell phone. No answer.

Crap!  I'm not going to work just to drive back here 30 minutes later.  And if my appointment really is at 1:00 pm I'm taking the whole day off.

I get back to the front of the salon and here she is pulling up.  Thank god!

Just a few minutes late, but I'm glad it wasn't my senile mind or my elderly hearing messing with me.

After I got my hair done I headed straight to work.  I kind of day dream when I drive and it's not the best idea but sorry, it happens.  Sometimes I don't even remember driving home until I get there and think Damn, I don't even know how I got here... But today, it scared the shit out of me.  I made the 2nd to last turn before my office building and suddenly, I didn't recognize a thing around me.  There was an SUV in front of me and, weird...I don't remember the fire station being on the right side of the road, I always thought it was on the left side.  Another car turned out in front of the SUV and I started freaking out.  I didn't even know there was a street there.  My head started pounding and I could feel my heart racing and my throat closing up.  My vision was going into a tunnel as my peripheral view was being clouded. 


I closed my eyes and blinked them a few times, took a deep breath and finally realized that I was going TO WORK, not driving home FROM WORK and the fire station is ALWAYS on the right hand side of the road when I'm driving *to* work.  As is the side street....it's been there for years I am sure.  Thank you baby Jesus, I'm still sane.

Finally at work, I get out of my car, gather my things and head to the elevator.  Mind you it's 12 Noon and people may be leaving for lunch or returning right about now.  I get to the elevator door and the thing wont open.  I'm standing there pressing the button and it's not even moving!  I do NOT want to take the stairs at all and I'm about to cry when I realize the button that I'm feverishly pressing is that of my key FOB.  To my car. 

To my knowledge they do not make remote control elevator door openers.

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