Jan 25, 2011

Like Father Like Son

I consider myself Trendy. I don't have ALL of the latest styles but I try to keep up with the ever changing fashion industry.

Today I wore a very cute "shirt dress". When I walked out of my closet Hubs looked at me and said "you're wearing that?"

He got my evil eye and I said nothing but continued to the mirror to finish my hair.

Here's the thing. I got a *big* ol' booty. You know that song by Trace Adkins, Honky Tonk Badonk-a-donk? That's pretty much how you could describe my backside.

Now, there ain't NOOO way I could walk out of my house lookin' just like I did when I walked out of my closet. So, when Hubs asked me what he did, I had to make him think that, yes I was wearing exactly what he saw me in. Thank goodness he left before I did. He did not see me when I left. I talked to him several times during the day today. He didn't mention my choice for today's attire.
When I left work this afternoon, I called Hubs and to my surprise, he was already home! He met me at the door and I could totally see in his eyes that he was so relieved that I added a pair of dark denim jeans and boots to my stylish shirt dress.

I went straight to the bedroom/bathroom/closet as usual and hollered to him that I needed to go meet a friend to drop off some stuff to her.  I slipped off my jeans and put a different pair of boots on.  You know, the ones that went past my knee and had a higher heel?

Hubs was at the sink and my youngest son had his ear buds in listening to loud music.  I non gracefully breezed by the kitchen with just my shirt dress and boots on, headed to the garage door and said: "I'll be back in a minute"

My husband was speechless and in a matter of milliseconds my son jumped down from the bar stool and with a look of pure PANIC washed over his face said:


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