Jan 24, 2011

It's not R rated

I usually *never* feel this way. 


I was feeling particularly happy to be sitting next to Hubs.  I mean, really I don't even like to be in the same room with him let alone, less than 3 feet away from him.

We had been surfing the web together looking up different things here and there. Checking out shore excursions for our upcoming cruise, looking at pictures from our last cruise, etc.  We were just laughing and sharing memories back and forth. 

Then I started to feel frisky!
The boys were busy building forts and Lego....stuff.  We hadn't seen them in at least an hour.  Surprisingly, they weren't fighting.  It was the lazy Saturday that I had hoped for.   Lots of Laughter and a little bit of house work.

Where was this *mood* I was in, coming from? 

It was broad daylight.  I stood up from the computer chair and stretched.  You know how sometimes when you get a really good stretch in, your entire body tingles?  It was a great stretch.  And now on top of the warm fuzzy feeling I had all over my body (and I mean all over), I had goose bumps.  Do you know what happens to women when they get goose bumps from a warm fuzzy feeling or even a nice cold draft?


Out of the corner of my eye I saw Hubs watching me.  There's something about headlights that gets men excited? Usually, it ticks me off and I end up slapping his hand away.  But this time I didn't. Shall I remind you that I was feeling "in the mood"? 

In less than 5 seconds his clothes were off as well as mine, and piled on the floor in front of our bed.  I snuck to our door and closed it as quietly as possible and locked it.

I walked over to the bed and crawled under the covers with my husband.  It was heating up quickly.  There was a lot of naughty talking going on between us and I know my husband was thrilled because it had been a *long* time since we did this unscheduled.  Doesn't that always make it better?

Suddenly, there was a pounding on the door!

Mommy!  Mommy!  What are you doing in there?

Son, I'm getting undressed to get in the bathtub!  Is this an emergency?

No, I'm not bleeding or anything.  Where is daddy and why is the door locked?

Daddy is in the shower and the door is locked because I'm naked!

So! I've seen your tattoos before, what's the big deal?

Go away!  Go back to playing with your brother and your daddy will be out in a second.

That's why I'm at your door, I was looking for my brother and he was here at the door!  I came to see what he was doing!

I got up out of the bed, put my clothes back on.  The minute I walked out of my bedroom and to the kitchen, the boys went right back to what they were doing, IN THEIR OWN ROOMS! They didn't really want anything at all.  They heard the door close and had to investigate.

I wish I had the hearing of an 11 year old!

We hadn't heard them, and they didn't bother us for an hour.  Until I shut the door!

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