Jan 14, 2011


As you may or may not know, BUNCO is for Ladies only.  Well, until Christmas time when a few groups that I have been involved with invite our husbands for what is known as "Couples BUNCO". 

There is a reason why 11 months out of the year we play BUNCO with just women because there are certain things you only discuss with your lady friends.  It's also a really good time to dish about your husband or gush about the overly hot guy at the gym that you just so happen to keep running into. At the same time. Every single day. 

I have a great time at BUNCO each month and something funny happens just about every time.

Last night was particularly funny when one of the ladies needed to call her husband to remind him of a certain task she needed him to complete.  Curiosity peaked my interest, (also because I'm really nosey) when she said: "just put it in a brown paper bag and give it to him".  At first I thought she was smuggling dope or a large sum of cash.  Nah, she's too sweet and innocent to do that.  Plus, there were words like refrigerator and I decided not to use it and really, who keeps pot or cash in the refrigerator? And if it really was something fun like drugs or money who just "decides not to use it"?  Then she said to her husband rather matter-of-factly and, with a hint of disgust and shock "Of Course NOT!!"

I would be lying if I told y'all that I didn't quite demand to hear what the hell that *secret* conversation was about.  But seriously, I think a little bit of me has rubbed off on my friends...especially the part of me that can't really keep "personal" secrets.  Mostly, the totally stupid personal secrets that I find hilarious are the ones I share.  So almost immediately, she had that "throw up of the mouth" syndrome and recounted the conversation that went something like this:

Wife: (calling her husband) Hey, is **** still there?

Husband: blah blah blah blah blah blah blah 

Wife:  OMG no BUNCO is not over, that would be like, the shortest BUNCO night in the history of short BUNCO nights!  Anyway, get that thing I was telling you about out of the refrigerator and give it to ****.

Husband:  Blah blah blah, waa waa waa, blah blah?

Wife: No, just put it in a brown paper sack and fold it up and give it to him. ***** (his wife) uses it and I decided not to try it.

Husband: Blah Blah Blah!!!!!

Wife:  OF COURSE NOT!!!!!


Phone call over. 

I'm staring at her like *what the hell was that all about and tell me now because I need to know or I might die trying to figure out what you've decided not to try*

She looks at me and says:  NUVA RING!!!!

In shock I said "You're kidding me?? And your husband asked you if you used the one you were giving to your friend because you decided not to try it after all, didn't he?

She confirmed my fear with a very deliberate head nod and laugh and, then I fell to the floor, literally, in hysterics! 

What woman do you know, in their right mind, would insert a Nuva Ring and then decide that she wasn't going to use it but put it in the refrigerator and save it for her friend that she knows uses them? 

Every time I think about it I die laughing because I wonder how mortified her husband was that he had to actually open the refrigerator and fish out a rubber device his wife had thought about inserting in her va-jay-jay, only to give it to his buddy, so HIS wife could use it!

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  1. Bahhhhaaaa the funny thing is the friends husband ask her the same ?!!!