Jan 10, 2011

Thank You for Reading

Happy Monday!

Kind of.  I mean, I drew the short straw this morning when my husband and I were arguing over who would get to stay home with the boys today since pretty much all of Mississippi shut down. 

It's ICE PEOPLE!!!  Just drive slow!

Anywhoo, I had to come to work today and it's really no big deal.  Actually, I'm sort of glad I did lose the 8 games of Rock, Paper, Scissors that I insisted hubs play with me.  I was so stir crazy yesterday and because I couldn't go anywhere due to the "STORM" I think I ate entirely too much!  I would eat something, then exercise.  Then I'd eat again, and exercise again.  It was a vicious cycle.  Now, my legs are sore from the step ups I did and I have diarrhea...stupid junk food!

Since there isn't a full staff today, I've just been catching up with little things from the holidays.  I have a lot of classes to schedule and I really need to clean up our SharePoint but it's boring work and I don't feel like doing that today.  So, instead I've been making neat piles on my desk of stuff to do.  I'm a pretty organized person.  At work.  I mean, at home, now that's a different story.  But when someone wants something at work I can usually get it done within the next few minutes or at least by COB.  So, with that being said I've had a lot of piddle time today.

I've been browsing around the web and facebook and what not.  While I was on facebook, someone made a comment on my wall.  I clicked on my wall and noticed that there were more *likes* on my link to my blog post from Friday.  Upon further digging, I found that an old employer who shall remain nameless, but is majorly a total hottie actually clicked on the *like* button!  Oh em geeee! HE READS MY BLOG???

Hellz to the yea!!!  My original goal was to make my family laugh and keep them up to date in the daily goings on of Mississippi life.  It's neat when they post comments on my blog and makes me feel loved.
I mean, yes, I write it and post it to like, *put it out there* and all.  But, I'm really impressed with the different types of people that are reading my blog. 

Because hello! I by no means am as good a writer as Shauna Glenn.  And I don't have nearly as many followers as Brittany Gibbons.  But you gotta start somewhere right?  And writing is so fun and a HUGE escape for me.  Sometimes I just want to tell y'all everything I'm thinking.  I don't have the problems that the aforementioned ladies have like going poop in a public place or an irrational fear of flying.  But for some reason, their shit is so funny to me, it makes me want to confess to you, my readers, something uber strange about myself.  Also, I'm not nearly as pretty as Shauna and Brittany, have you seen those ladies?  They do however, provide me with a lot of confidence.  Once, I sent a picture of myself to Brittany and she was like "oh my god, you are so not fat" and I was like "um, hello, do you wear glasses because I think you forgot to put them on!" I thought it was pretty sweet of her though because she did notice my hair.  She said it was pretty or something like that.  Yes, I do have pretty hair.  I work hard at having pretty hair.  My entire morning is spent on having pretty hair.  My kids hate it that I take so long making it look like pretty hair.  My husband rolls his eyes when I slap his hands away from my head as he tries to run his fingers through it, but damn it, it took an hour to flat iron that shit so leave it the hell alone!

Sorry, back to my point.  I don't really have one.  I just wanted to reach out to you lovely readers and thank  you for reading my silly stories.  It's the bomb.com/yourmom (read: the bomb dot com slash your mom) that you take a minute out of your day to read my thoughts.  There is no method to my madness what so ever.

Most of the time.


  1. Ok first, YES, Shauna is pretty amazing, God I love her.

    But SECOND, SHUT UP! You are STUNNING. I bet I still have that picture in my inbox, and can totally prove how hot you are.

    And yes.....I so covet your hair.

    Maybe you could move to Ohio and do MY hair for me every morning, because I need a friend who will come play with my hair for me, and Ohio will be way funner, because it ALWAYS snows here, so school is, like, never open, and when it is, people drive normal because it's Ohio and we are TOTALLY used to it.

  2. I love your philosophy on eating and working out. Eat. Workout. Eat workout. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. I'll have to try that. Then I won't feel so bad about the 6 packs of the 100 calorie packs of Twinkies I just finished off. But hey, in my defense they're only 100 calories. Times 6. Oy.

    I, too, have a mad crush on Brittany. She's lovely and wicked funny. And she smells like cherry pie.

    You should totally tell all your stories...and do it just for you. The people will follow.

    You're adorable, girlie. Keep it up.